Watch As A Canadian News Crew Stumbles Upon A Freezing Refugee Escaping The U.S.A.


The Somali man had been lost in the cold for 21 hours.

Yesterday, CBC’s The National shared this report of a camera crew encountering a man named Mohammad, lying shivering in the snow. He’d taken a 21-hour journey on foot to cross the U.S./Canada border into Emerson, Manitoba, but he wasn’t sure where he was until the crew told him he’s made it. Mohammad was one of 26 people who crossed the border in Emerson that evening alone.

“America is problem now,” Mohammad said in the video. “They take me back home, so my home is not feeling well. Somalia is not like before… Fighting so I can’t go back home.” In the video, Mohammad is quickly taken into custody by police, and will have the chance to claim asylum.

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