USA Civil War 2020

Apologies in advance for this post. I do not want to fear-monger or fan the flames of baseless conspiracy theories. I do not believe the USA is headed towards a Civil War in 2020, regardless of the outcome of the upcoming election. That said, I have had too many conversations with residents in the USA (including Americans, Canadians and other citizens who are living and/or working in the USA) who are planning for potential civil unrest, including armed conflict. They are looking to Canada for safety and they are planning to “escape”, if necessary. civil war

This post was prompted by a conversation I had with a medical doctor living in Florida. He lives in a slice of paradise near Miami. Mango trees. In his own words, however, he believes America is headed towards “civil war”. Yes, those are his words. A licensed physician.


For individuals in the USA, we are providing immigration insurance. Essentially, if you meet the eligibility requirements, we are assisting clients with application to, potentially, relocate to Canada if, as the American doctor noted above, the USA breaks out into civil war.

The idea here is similar to the “pandemic passports” or “citizenship by investment“. I have spoken about these topics and presented at the international EB5 conference in Las Vegas, back when were able to travel and actually fly to conferences. CBI and these options are normally restricted to high net worth individuals and families.

Unlike pandemic passports and CBI solutions, our immigration insurance may be available to many more applicants. You do not need to be wealthy to qualify.


During WWII, the British government published the motivational poster with the slogan “Keep Calm and Carry On”. Since then, the phrase has been adapted to many situations. In my view, we need to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. For better or worse, 2020 has introduced many situations that were previously disregarded as improbable, or even impossible. We have had to adapt to these new realities we did not realize could come to pass.

Civil War 2020

As you may have learned from my TEDs Talk, my parents met at the University of Chicago and I have many relatives in the USA. I do not want violence and I hope that everyone south of the border stays safe and healthy. At the same time, the American physician above is not the only client who has noted a potential “civil war” in the USA. I have heard the same phrase from clients in Minnesota, Arizona, California and other states. From what I am hearing, the anxiety level in the USA is very high. News of the attempted kidnapping of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has fanned the flames. QAnon. Proud Boys. Social media has been steering viewers away from progressive media. Our goal, of course, is to help clients achieve their Canadian immigration dreams. If we can help some folks gain status in Canada so they may feel secure, we are doing our job.

Stay Safe & Vote

If you are American, please exercise your right to vote. I am very concerned for our clients in the USA. I am concerned for the safety of my family in the USA. We need to make sure that folks stay safe. I have no idea whether 2021 will be any better than 2020; however, in the interest of ending on a positive note, I believe things are going to get better.