UNHCR EVENT: Representing at IRB (Tribunal)

Please be advised that Alastair Clarke will be presenting on a panel of experts in immigration and refugee law this week. See information below. This is an event sponsored by UNHCR and in conjunction with the IRB – RPD. The goal of the event is to provide counsel and other representatives with assistance and best practices on the procedures at the tribunal. This is not open to the public. If you are interested in attending, you must contact Azedeh in advance and submit a request. Space is limited.

We welcome member of the public for this event; however, keep in mind that it is designed for representatives and the assumption is that the audience will be dealing with refugee claimants from different countries and from various circumstances. We will not be addressing questions about specific or particular cases. All the information will be of a general nature only.

This event is based on the current situation in Winnipeg. There are too few competent lawyers who are taking on refugee claimants. Due to the influx of claimants into Manitoba, the tribunal is under a heavy caseload and there are concerns about inexperienced counsel who lack the experience to provide proper assistance to the people they want to help.