Three Best Lawyers 2021

As an immigration lawyer, I love connecting with people from around the world. If you read my background, you may know that I spent time at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC and I was on my way to joining the Foreign Service. With the Ebola outbreak in 2001, I ended up going to law school at Queen’s University, Faculty of Law instead and people from around the world come to our office for help. I met with a gentleman from Nigeria today who let me know that we were awarded the Three Best Lawyer award for 2021. I believe this award covers immigration lawyers in Winnipeg. Thank you! Top Immigration Lawyer

We received this message from ThreeBest:

You are listed as one of the Top 3 Immigration lawyers in Winnipeg, MB. We would like to Thank You for providing consistent high-quality service in your area of business. Our business analyst team has selected your business based on our rigorous 50-Point Inspection.

To be clear, we did not have any contact with Three Best and we had no influence over this award. I believe this award is based on the amazing work done by the staff at Clarke Immigration Law. Everyone at our firm is fully committed to providing the best quality services in Canada. We constantly strive to use every tool and every program for the benefit of our clients.

I believe this award is based on being open & transparent. We do not just say it. We do it! I have been trying to get other law firms to be fair. Lawyers tell me directly they cannot be fair with their clients. They charge their Chinese clients $$$$, for example, while they charge their American clients $$ for the same application. In my view, that is not fair. Shouldn’t lawyers who fight daily for justice and fairness also treat their clients based on the same principles?