Success: MPNP PFL

We love the MPNP program. It has been said many times that it is the best PNP in Canada and it is a great program for many skilled workers both inside Manitoba and abroad. In some cases, the MPNP Officer may have concerns and those concerns must be made clear to the applicant(s). These concerns are stated in an MPNP Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL). We have helped many clients reply to PFLs over the years. In 2020, we helped a Chinese family who had serious issues. These are highly skilled professionals who accepted employment with a small business in Manitoba that did not keep good employment records. Their employer’s records caused problems with their MPNP application.


We worked closely with this family and their employer. We provided a strong package to support the discrepancies and we provided a clear explanation. In the end, the MPNP Officer accepted our explanation and this family is back on track to Permanent Resident status.

Procedural Fairness Letters (PFLs) are complex. They are issued when an issue/ concern has been identified by an Officer. We strongly urge any applicant who has received a PFL to seek and retain an immigration lawyer to help.

We also love feedback from clients. I know there are fraudulent reviews on Google from individuals who have never had contact with our team. Thankfully, almost all our reviews are from genuine clients who help our readers. Here is what this client wrote:

After 8 months awaiting for my MPNP apllication, we got a negative result by the PFL letter. I was engaged a misrepresentation for my application because of some mistakes were pointed out by MPNP office. I had thought that it would be end of my immigration to Canada until one of my friend recommend me to contact Clarke Law. Their proffesional work and expertise help us quickly address the reasons and prepared documents to reply the PFL letter. After 14 months from my initial submit my MPNP application, I finally got a approval letter for my application, I don’t know how to describe but I am thanksful for Clarke Law bring a hope to us. I would recommend Clarke Law for your immigration chanllenges if you have any.

We have helped many clients with MPNP issues and we look forward to building Manitoba’s economy. We also assist with the MPNP BIS stream and other MPNP paths to PR status.