• We open doors to Canada!

  • We open doors to Canada!

In my twelve (12) years working within immigration, Alastair is the most genuine and trustworthy lawyer that I have worked with. He truly cares about his clients. His demeanour and personality enable clients to develop trust and confidence in his abilities. He is extremely knowledgable in the immigration field and ensures that he achieves the best results for his clients.

Charmaine M.Winnipeg, Canada

My husband is coming to Canada! Thank you for helping is with the Spousal Sponsorship Appeal at the tribunal. I can’t wait to tell everyone who needs an immigration lawyer, that I found a great one! I will refer them to you. 100% percent sure! You did such a good job!

Thank you very much! I’m so happy that we won!

Joy & PrinceNigeria

I have known Alastair Clarke as a personal friend and colleague for more than 15 years. Alastair has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to social justice and human rights throughout the time I have known him. He is a caring individual who always treats others with kindness, respect and dignity and he shows exemplary commitment to his clients and immigration practise.

Kim H.Vancouver, Canada

I had the pleasure of working with Alastair at Unison Health and Community Services for many years. As both his colleague and his supervisor, I found that Alastair consistently lent a high standard of expertise and professionalism to all of his cases. Furthermore, he was one of the most personable and compassionate people I have met. I would have no trouble in recommending him to any client who requires advice and/or representation in Immigration and Refugee Law.

Vinay J.Toronto, Canada

Alastair, your hard work is greatly appreciated. I’ve sent the payment via Paypal, fee included. I would make the wait and going through all the preparation all over again for the success we had on this case. Thank you, Alastair. I really will get my Christmas in Canada, and much more.
[Alastair successfully obtained a Temporary Resident Permit after a minor criminal conviction.]

James P.Los Lunes, New Mexico, USA

Thank you for all your advice and helping me through the immigration maze to get a Temporary Resident Permit. You have helped me and my family achieve our goals. I am grateful for your persistence and expertise. I am so fortunate that we found you!

Fernando S.Portugal

Love from Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Onwuachi – Nigeria”]Thank you for getting a Study Permit for our daughter. My husband and I really appreciate a good job well done! You got everything right. My daughter can’t wait to get back to her studies. She’s quite excited. The sisters are also very excited to have her under their watch for a positive change in her life and studies.

We know that this was a very tough case. Our previous immigration consultant made so many errors that led to 2 previous refusals from the Visa Office. And our daughter worked when she was not allowed. You worked so hard and gave us the perfect advice to fix things.

Thank you so much!

Dr. & Mrs. Patrick OnwuachiNigeria

From the first day that I met Alastair, he was friendly and I explained my situation and the strategy for winning our Spousal Sponsorship Appeal. He told me that money is not the focus and he only wanted to know the issues. As a single mother, meeting someone who is not focused on money and instead focused on helping people, I am so thankful that I met Alastair. Hopefully we will stay in touch forever.

I have met some immigrations lawyers but they are not very friendly and they didn’t look at me as a person. I have had many issues over the years and my situation is very complicated.

Fatmata K.Sierra Leone

I will like to say thank you so much for winning my case. May God bless you for everything, you have been my lawyer was a blessing and may God keep blessing you.  I wish you a long life and more health.

Mohammed A.Accra, Ghana
I was applying LAA on my own just to cut my expenses but it was hard for me. I came to you for help and you were able to fix my problems with MPNP. I have also been dealing with fees from my father’s operation on my head and you have been very patient with me. Thank you.
Abdul B.Pakistan

I was introduced to Alastair in the Fall of 2015 by a friend who knew that I was in big trouble with CIC and needed help with my Canadian immigration process .

Prior to meeting Alastair , all my applications for Permanent Residency had failed : my refugee claim , the humanitarian and compassionate considerations grounds ( H&C) , the Pre Removal application and applications for a temporary resident permit. I was in process of being removed/deported from Canada.  

After I met Alastair , he looked at my case , did lots of research and we started working on a new H&C and Express Entry applications .Whenever I needed to see/talk him, he was always available (even on the weekends ) and he kept me informed of any new developments or any aspects I needed to know about my case. We submitted the two applications to CIC in 2016.

His dedication , knowledge , research and impeccable work paid off : both applications ( Express  Entry and H&C ) were recently approved by CIC and I am now waiting to get my Permanent Residency card in my mailbox !

Thank you so much Alastair for your great work! 

I highly recommend Alastair to anyone who needs help with Canadian immigration.

Jean K.Burundi

Alastair helped my family with MPNP-Business. We are so very thankful for all of his hard work, and he even worked during his vacation and on weekends. Thank you!

Jon W.American

Thank you for achieving this success in a very short and sensitive time with my sister-in-law and her 3 kids. I truly admire you and your hard and dedicate work.

Thanks again Alastair and congratulations! Sincere gratitude from us.

Mathilde NWinnipeg, Manitoba

Thanks for the fantastic help with Malik’s application to Canada. Perhaps some day our paths will cross and we can trade tall tales.  Whether we do or do not ever meet in person, from the beginning I knew that his case was in the hands of a fine lawyer.

And, having won and lost more than a few trials myself, I know what most laymen forget:  the job you did was just as good if you had lost.  Obviously, I’m glad you won; no one congratulates us on a job well done in a losing cause, but some of the more rewarding moments in my career have come from clients who, while waiting for the jury to return, say something along the lines of “win or lose, thank you–you couldn’t have done any better.”
I’ve thought more than once about your observation that each case won is a life saved.  Malik owes you his life.
I believe that, given the chance, he will really make something of himself and contribute to Canadian society.
J. David MacVeighPennsylvania, USA
  • We open doors to Canada!

  • We open doors to Canada!

Alastair was an integral part to making sure my husband from Bangladesh and I were able to reunite in Canada quickly through a Spousal Sponsorship application. He was precise, extremely thorough and well organised and he delivered on what he promised. My application was a one shot success and we couldn’t have done it without amazing Alastair.

Alastair is someone I still depend on for legal advice even today – 7 years after our application was approved. If my question is not in his realm of expertise, he is sure to direct me to a helpful colleague. If you are going to be working with him, you can expect him to be honest, resourceful and consistently helpful in ensuring you receive the best of his time. Thank you Alastair!

Tania H.Toronto, ON

Accolades to immigration lawyer Alastair Clarke for assisting us with our applications. Alastair generously provided his services pro bono through the Refugee Sponsorship Support Program. Given that SOSRI was completing the dozens of forms as representatives for the five principal applicants we had a number of questions on how to address certain issues that a sponsoring group ordinarily wouldn’t have (most sponsoring groups apply and have UNHCR families/individuals assigned to them with papers/documents/histories complete). The IRRC toll free question line has extremely long wait times! We were very fortunate to be able to simply email and/or call Alastair with any questions throughout the application process.

Along with Alastair’s professional integrity and his breadth of knowledge it is clear that he cares deeply for the issues and people that he works with. If you need an immigration lawyer – look no further. Thank you Alastair – your time and efforts are appreciated.

Paula LeslieWinnipeg, MB

I have known Alastair for more than 15 years and he answers all my immigration questions. I feel truly blessed to have someone who knows so much! I tell all my friends in Romania about him. I see that he really enjoys helping people.

Viorica G.Constanta, Romania

Très fortement recommander parce que c’est une bonne information est meilleure pour servir à toutes autres personnes, donc je ne peux pas la garder pour moi-même. Oui fortement de recommander cet atelier a d’autres personnes. Certaines personnes souffrent surtout les newcomers qui ne connaissent pas les lois ici au Canada.

Name withheldKinshasa, DRC

I am deeply overjoyed! You where really excellent throughout this whole process of getting me a Study Permit. So happy it came out with a positive result. I thank you for all your effort and a good job well done. I will surely refer you to other people if need be. Thank you very much and I appreciate you.

Nina O.Brandon, Canada

Alastair did a fantastic job and we truly appreciate all your hard work.

[Alastair represented client on a refused Spousal Sponsorship application to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). After 4 hearings, 2 interpreters, and multiple witnesses, we won the case.]

Lisa KulczyckiWinnipeg, MB

Thanks Alastair for your professional service. I really appreciate it. I am also impressed by your clear and fair billing. Thanks again.

[Alastair assisted with an appeal for a Parental Sponsorship application.]

Yi Ping LiWinnipeg, Canada

Thanks Alastair for the fantastic job you did on this case! You truly are a miracle worker!

Andrew BarneyWinnipeg, MB
[We assisted a Permanent Resident with criminal inadmissibility issues.]
Good morning sir Alastair. It took me time to absorb and up to this day still can’t believe how fast the decisions made towards my case. But above all I thank you so much for all your help. I know pretty well that the crime I committed was the toughest and more so dealing with immigration is like being crucified. I dread up to this day that if I lose this case that’s the end of my life with my family. I would have not been able to witness my sons pursuing their careers witnessing them march to their graduation ceremonies and seeing their success in life. Above all would not have been able to give my only daughter away @ her wedding..not to mention looking after my future grandchildren which could have been the love of my life. Remembering my first consult with you I had this serious feeling that I was very confident..I left everything with you to take care of my case and Prayed so hard to our Dear Heavenly Father to help you. Your knowledge with immigration cases is not a doubt you’re intelligent Mr Clarke so keep up and continue helping people.
I will spread the word you’re highly recommended. I can’t thank you enough and don’t really know how to repay you except to pray to God to bless you more & more together with your family. I will give you the honor to come and attend my own party. friends & family love my cooking so come & have a taste of Filipino food. Again THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR & GOD BLESS.
Rey R.Philippines

[We successfully assisted client with Temporary Resident Visa application for family member.]

Thank you so much for your effort, it’s has been glad pleasure choosing you as a my lawyer. Thanks god that I have chosen you!

Sid Ali H.Toronto, Ontario
  • We open doors to Canada!

  • We open doors to Canada!

我感覺律師 ALASTAIR 是一個很認真負責任和很有耐心的專業移民律師,他很有耐心地幫助我的家人去打這場官司;在打這場官司前,他很仔細地了解我們之前遞交給移民局的表和移民局否決了我們的移民申請的原因後,他就跟我們詳細的了解一下情況,然後我們有針對性的解決掉移民局為何否決我們的移民申請,最終我們贏得這場官司,我衷心感謝他的幫忙。

Liang, Yao

As an immigrant, I was very confused and scared on what to do with my Immigration issues. After a number of futile attempts to figure out what to do , I was lucky enough to be introduced to Alastair Clarke. My Immigration issues have now been sorted out within a short period of time. My Sincere appreciation Alastair Clarke…

Clarkson A.

我十分感激Alastair,是他帮助我达成了与丈夫在加拿大团聚的心愿。Alastair是一名尽责,敬业且经验丰富的律师。在处理整个案件的过程当中,每一阶段,每一环节,他都严格跟踪到底。他总是能够细心聆听我的忧虑,仔细分析情况,指出问题症结所在,并且为我提供最佳的解决方案。难能可贵的是,尽管他拥有扎实的专业背景和丰富的经验,但他并不居高自傲。讨论案件时,他友善、真诚、平等。无论遇到什么样的困难,Alastair总是能够给予我必定能够走出困境的信心。他专业的法律意见和卓越的办事能力最终让我的案件顺利获取成功! 衷心感谢您,Alastair!

I am deeply grateful to Alastair for his assistance to realize my dream to reunite with my husband in Canada. Alastair is a lawyer with a strong sense of responsibility, professional ethics and rich experience. When he handled my case, he followed closely to each step and every single detail. He always listened to my concerns carefully, then he analyzed the scenario thoroughly, indicated the key of the problem and provided me the best solution. Preciously, even he had extensive knowledge and experience in legal field, he was not conceited. During the discussions of my case, he was kind, sincere and equal. And no matter what difficulties I had, Alastair could give me confidence that the difficulties were able to be overcome. Thanks to his professional advice and excellent working efficiencies, my case had a great success! Thank you very much, Alastair!

Ying Huang