MPNP Draw #29


  • Number of Letters of Advice to Apply issued: 201
  • Ranking score of lowest-ranked candidate invited: 657


  • Number of Letters of Advice to Apply issued: 24 who were invited directly by the MPNP under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative
  • Ranking score of lowest-ranked candidate invited: 698

For more information, please refer to the information posted on the Manitoba MPNP website or contact our office directly.

The candidates selected have been chosen based on the points system used by the province and they are based on 6 categories:

  • Language Proficiency

  • Age

  • Work experience

  • Education

  • Adaptability

  • Risk Assessment

The individual applicants stay in the pool for 12 months. If you believe that you should have been chosen, contact our office immediately. We can contact MPNP on your behalf and speak with an Officer directly.

The MPNP program has regular draws and the minimum points (“lowest-ranked”) varies from draw to draw. For example, a candidate may not qualify for 6 months and then, in the 7th month, that candidate is selected.

We can provide a consultation for any individual who interested in the MPNP program. The fee for the 1 hour consultation is $200. If you are not satisfied that we have answered all your questions, we will not charge the fee. We have assisted many clients from countries all over the world through the process and we look forward to working with you.

MPNP Code of Conduct

In order for us to assist, all our clients must complete the MPNP Code of Conduct. We take the responsibilities listed in this document very seriously and we will only act within the instructions of our clients.