Mandatory Vaccines @ UofM

Dr. Michael Benarroch, President and Vice-Chancellor at the UofM has announced today that all students, including international students in Canada on Study Permits, faculty, including tenured professors and lecturers, as well as visitors to campus are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Clarke Immigration Law fully supports this decision for the public health and safety of all individuals at UofM.

The decision made by UofM was made in consultation with many professionals, including lawyers, Officers at Public Health, experts in Manitoba as well as other parts of Canada. I have been in contact with the UofM and I can confirm this decision was taken after significant deliberation.

As noted by Dr. Benarroch:

This recommendation was made by the COVID Recovery Steering Committee with input from each of the four sub-committees. The President’s Executive Team approved the recommendation after consulting with all unions and confirming support from Deans and the Chair of UM’s Board of Governors. Additionally, we sought legal advice, met with Public Health, and consulted with our post-secondary partners in Manitoba and across Canada. Many of you have also expressed that requiring vaccines is the best way to support a safe, in-person work and learning environment. I hear you and I thank you for your engagement on this important issue.

To be clear, Clarke Immigration Law agrees with the statement above. We strongly believe that requiring vaccines at UofM is the best way to keep students and faculty safe & healthy. In particular, we look forward to our clients getting back to in-person learning in a classroom setting. To make sure the in-person learning is safe, we agree the best approach is through mandatory vaccines at UofM.

Canada has achieved many significant milestones regarding the COVID-19. We also recognize the incredible work done by health care professionals, including nurses and doctors