Feature: Lena’s Simple Crafts

We are thrilled to promote our client’s online store, Lena’s Simple Crafts. You can see from her online shop that Lena is a supremely talented artist who puts her creativity into her work. Lena has traveled the world and she is currently residing in Pinawa, Manitoba. If you are in that part of Manitoba, feel free to contact Lena directly through the Etsy website. Pinawa is a close community in western Manitoba with a strong immigrant population.

Lena's Simple Crafts

Lena’s Simple Crafts

This is the first feature in this space. We are hoping to promote the small businesses of our clients and to support them as much as possible during this pandemic. During this time of crisis, we cannot underscore the importance of supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs who are the engine of our economy.

We strongly support Lena and we would encourage you to purchase art, cards and any other crafts from her online store on Etsy. Keep up the hard work!

Please note: this is not a paid advertisement. We are promoting Lena’s work for the sole reason that we want to support her work. We do not accept paid advertisements on this website.