Success: Regaining Status

As part of our series to share success stories, we are starting with a case where we were able to help an international student who has suffered unfortunately circumstances and she found herself without status in Canada in a desperate situation.

international student

international student

Thankfully, we were able to get her regain status. Life can be messy and there are situations that are beyond our control. Sometimes, the government needs to take into consideration that applicants have fallen under hard times for reasons outside of their control. It is also important to be reminded that IRCC Officers are people too and they want to help. Our job is to show the Officer all the reasons why our clients warrant special attention.

Success Story: Internation Student Regains Status

A Filipino student came to us for help after she had been living in Canada without status after her Study Permit expired. She was an international student who had been living in fear on a daily basis that CBSA would knock on her door and she could be deported. She has suffered from stress and anxiety. She came to us for help, desperate to regularize her status and she had almost no money left. We started by preparing and submitting a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) application based on her unique circumstances and strong ties to Canada. Our TRP application was approved in seven (7) months and now this international student has regained temporary status in Canada.

Now with status, the next step was to help this international student get to work. Our office worked hard to prepare and submit a Work Permit application. The Work Permit was approved in under two (2) months and our client was relieved and overjoyed she could finally continue to build her life in Canada without the threat of removal looming over her head. She is now working in Canada with status and looking forward to becoming a Permanent Resident in the near future.

Success Stories

Much of our work goes unnoticed. Unreported decisions. Negotiated settlements. Positive decisions rarely make the news and success stories are rarely shared. We certainly encourage our clients to post comments on social media and we are so thankful for their time and energy to share their experiences with our office and to share their success stories. We believe we are the best immigration law firm in Manitoba; however, at the same time, I would not advise you take our word for it. As I say repeatedly at tribunals and at Court, look at the evidence. One piece of objective evidence: we currently have a rating of 4.8 out of 5.0, based on 45 reviews on Google. Many of our clients, however, do not have Google accounts or they do not want to reveal their identities. Fair enough. So our team will make an effort to share these successes with you on our website. I want to say that these success stories are personal stories from our clients so we will be omitting any confidential and/or identifying information.

Success Stories

Success Stories

We had a staff meeting to discuss this effort and I think everyone at Clarke Law is excited to share our successes. We are pleased to announce that we will start sharing success stories in this space on a regular basis. We also feel much of the excitement (and anxiety) as our clients when we get positive decisions. This project will give you, wherever you are in the world, insight into some of the cases we handle and how we achieve our results.

We simply do not have the resources to help all the people who contact our office. We try our best to give sound advice and relevant information. Part of our job is to dispel misinformation and disinformation. Alas, there is a plethora of out-dated information or incorrect information online. I will say that part of me cringes when I hear a client say, “my friend told me …”. More often than not, the individual then goes on to describe a situation that is quite different from their circumstances.

From my perspective, we are motivated to save lives, to bring families together and to build Canadian businesses. This means bringing family members to Canada so they can work or study or visit. We have helped countless international students who were previously refused based on poor representation or mistakes.

I remember when I asked my father about sponsoring my mother back in the 1960s. He can barely remember the application. At that time, Canadian immigration was a simple system and the applications were thin. He did not have to deal with complex system we deal with today. As my mum was dealing with an intense political situation, I am not certain that their application would have been straight-forward.

We will try to share some of our success stories; however, time is our greatest resource and it is also a resource in short supply. We need to balance our time between updating this site and helping the clients who trust us to solve their immigration problems.