Feature: Realtor Talib Hasan

Talib Hasan was one of the first clients of Clarke Immigration Law. We were able to help him with his immigration issues, including a successful trip to Emerson POE for an emergency document. Since then, Talib has established himself in Winnipeg and he is providing his clients through Royal Lepage Dynamic Real Estate.


The housing market in Winnipeg is hot. Most properties are selling at well above asking and it is currently as “seller’s market”. Variable rate mortgages are at incredibly low rates for buyers. We have read as low as 1.4% interest on a variable rate mortgage. 

If you need a Realtor, we would highly recommend Talib. He is extremely professional and he will go the extra mile to help. In his words:

I am a Winnipeg Realtor® working with Royal Lepage Dynamic Real Estate. Initially, I came to Canada in 2011 and fell in love with the city of Winnipeg. I was always interested in Real Estate and even though I went to school for Information Technology (“IT”), it just made more sense for me to work with two things I love: property and helping people. The home buying process can be stressful and hectic. My job is to help newcomers to Canada, immigrants, and people who are in the process of immigrating getting into their first home to start building their new lives and equity. I am more than willing to answer any of your questions and would love to help you out towards the purchase or sale of your home.

Please contact Talib directly @ 204 899 1829. If you mention Clarke Immigration Law, he may give you better service! (Just kidding! He gives great service to all his clients!)

We love to stay in contact with our clients. If you have been helped by someone at Clarke Immigration Law, feel free to send us a note. We also love to help small businesses in Manitoba and we want to build our network. We can all help each other.

Feature: D’Agui Barber & Stylist

As part of our ongoing support for Winnipeg small businesses, please support Alfredo D’Agui who is a barber and stylist with more than 30 years’ experience. He was the owner and operator of “Design A Cut” in Portage Place mall, here in downtown Winnipeg, until he was forced to close the business due to COVID-19. Barber

Currently, Alfredo offers his services to businesses or to homes, by appointment. His services start at $40 per person. As the Manitoba government has opened up the province starting on Saturday for hairstyling and barber services, I am guessing there are many folks in the area that could use a cut – myself included!

Alfredo has been cutting my hair for years. I would give him 5/5 STARS – very good. He is professional and a wealth of knowledge. I just did a bit of digging and he has 4.2/5 STARS on Google reviews. Here is a 5 STAR review from Mr Blatano:

The guy there took his time and did a great job with my hair. I didnt feel like I was being rushed out, like at some other places. A nice amount of chit chat and excellent overall customer. The cut itself came out perfect as well on top of it.

When I offered to include a post for his business, I learned that he has worked all over the globe, including 6 months with the Canadian military in Afghanistan. Our troops need barber and stylist services too!

Alfredo normally offers home or business visits Monday to Friday; however, he will take time out of his weekend for groups of 3 people or more.

Feel free to contact Alfredo or his lovely wife Jacqueline at 204 588 1874 to book an appointment.

Feature: Harvest Lodge

Harvest Lodge and the Warkentin family are always close to our hearts. This American family immigrated to Canada through the MPNP-BIS Warkentin familystream and they have built a strong business in Waterhen, Manitoba. Jon and his family take extremely good care of their guests and they have a solid 5 STAR rating on Google Business as well as a 5 STAR rating on TripAdvisor. I just spoke with Jon and they are open for bookings for Summer 2020. Please be mindful of travel restrictions from your neck of the woods. Currently, folks traveling from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, the territories and northwestern Ontario are free to travel to Manitoba without any quarantine period. 


This is an opportunity for Manitobans to have a great vacation without leaving the province. Jon and his family are excellent hosts who can guide you on hunting and fishing adventures along Waterhen River or on any of the neighbouring lakes.

I was reading the reviews from guests and they are full of praise. Here is a review published on TripAdvisor from a Texan (MAJGabe) who stayed at Harvest Lodge with his 3 buddies:

We didn’t get in until around 11pm, but John and Karissa stayed up, welcomed us, had some snacks, and got us settled in. The accommodations were just perfect, and more than what I would have imagined. 4 grown men in a 3 bedroom cabin… […] and we each harvested a large chocolate black bear within 90 minutes of each other. Clayton (the guide) did an amazing job skinning, and we brought a portable vacuum sealer, so we immediately deboned it, sealed it, and put it in the freezer. Then we fished for the rest of the week. Maybe we drank too, I don’t remember. But we caught so much walleye that we limited out every day, put enough in the freezer to take home, and had a couple fish fry’s. Their entire operation is top notch, and their family felt like our family from the first day, and even more by the last. I would definitely recommend, and I want to come back for some waterfowl (hint hint). Thanks guys for an amazing time!

Please contact Harvest Lodge for their current programs and events. Depending on the season, they offer:Harvest Lodge

  • Six day Black Bear Hunt
  • Three day Waterfowl Package
  • Six day Whitetail Deer Hunt
  • Wolf/ Coyote Hunt

For the packages above, world class fishing may be included at no additional charge and the Warkentins take care of all the proper licensing regulations. Meals are provided by the lodge as part of the packages; however, if you prefer, there is a general store with groceries, gas and liquor for guests. Free parking is available, of course.

For the family, Harvest Lodge also offers bird-watching, tubing along the Waterhen River and a playground. During the winter months, the area offers snowmobiling adventures and, if you are lucky, amazing views of the northern lights.

As an immigration law firm, we have the pleasure of working with business owners to help them realize their goals. At the same time, business owners, like the Warkentin family, help to grow Manitoba and provide jobs to residents. If you and your family are thinking about a lodge in Manitoba, please send Jon an email and consider Harvest Lodge for your vacation!


Feature: Bee’s Exotic Shop

As part of our goal to promote our clients’ businesses, I am thrilled to promote Bee’s Exotic Shop, based in Brandon, Manitoba. This is a shop where customers can find exotic pieces of clothing, art, accessories and jewelry from East India. The shop owners, Bansri and Devin, are long-established residents of Brampton and they have strong connections with the local economy. Bansri’s family in India is very well respected and she has a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

During this pandemic, it is important to support and promote local small businesses. Bee’s Exotic Shop adds culture and flair to Manitoba and we are proud to support this business.

For more information, please visit their website by clicking on this link.

As we have done research for Bee’s Exotic Shop, we pleasantly discovered that Bansri is offering Henna as well! Although I have never seen her Henna work personally, I have no doubt that she is amazing. It has been a pleasure to work with her in the past and I am thrilled that she is providing this service to Manitobans.

Bansri has been building this business and establishing an online presence. Personally, I follow the business on Instagram and it is always a pleasure to see the gorgeous pieces they are selling and where to find them. They travel all over Manitoba, selling their goods at community fairs including Minnedosa, Winnipeg, Morden and many other markets!

Feature: Lena’s Simple Crafts

We are thrilled to promote our client’s online store, Lena’s Simple Crafts. You can see from her online shop that Lena is a supremely talented artist who puts her creativity into her work. Lena has traveled the world and she is currently residing in Pinawa, Manitoba. If you are in that part of Manitoba, feel free to contact Lena directly through the Etsy website. Pinawa is a close community in western Manitoba with a strong immigrant population.

Lena's Simple Crafts

Lena’s Simple Crafts

This is the first feature in this space. We are hoping to promote the small businesses of our clients and to support them as much as possible during this pandemic. During this time of crisis, we cannot underscore the importance of supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs who are the engine of our economy.

We strongly support Lena and we would encourage you to purchase art, cards and any other crafts from her online store on Etsy. Keep up the hard work!

Please note: this is not a paid advertisement. We are promoting Lena’s work for the sole reason that we want to support her work. We do not accept paid advertisements on this website.