Winnipeg – Smart City

The Intelligent Communities Forum (ICF) has, once again, recognized the skills and intelligence of the people of Winnipeg. We are a “smart city”. This comes as no surprise. Winnipeg has been heralded as one of the most intelligent communities in the world many times before. The ICF compares 180 cities around the world, comparing the […]

Success: Tribunal appeal

Tribunal appeals are entirely dependent on the facts and the decison under review. We have handled appeals where the Officer or Decision-Maker has clearly made a mistake in law and/or fact. In some cases, we need to fix a mistake made by the tribunal. These cases still require significant work to lay out all the […]

Study Permit Tips for Success

Many Study Permits are refused. This is a fact. We are providing 4 main Study Permit tips to help you get a positive result. A CEO of multiple post-secondary schools (designated learning institutions DLIs) contacted Clarke Immigration Law to help with appeals to Federal Court. The rule is that when an IRCC Visa Office outside […]

CTV News: Welcome Place

Alastair Clarke was interviewed on CTV News yesterday regarding the labour dispute between Welcome Place and the workers’ Union. Reporter Josh Crabb has been covering this story and his written piece is included on their website. In short, Clarke Immigration Law has worked closely with Welcome Place staff over many years. They provide invaluable services […]

Winnipeg – Top 10 in Canada

One of Canada’s most respected magazines, MacLean’s, released its 2021 list of “Best Communities in Canada”. They looked at the quality of life in all the major towns and cities across all provinces and territories. I am proud that Winnipeg has been ranked #6 in Canada. As noted by MacLean’s: Population: 778,602 Property tax as […]