Success: Residency Obligation Appeal

All PRs in Canada should be aware of the 730 day rule re: Residency Obligation. In this case, our clients landed in 2014 while the Principal Applicant was completing his PhD program. They spent 2 weeks in Manitoba and then he returned to finish his degree. He intended to spend only one (1) year outside […]

Refugee Law & Climate Change

Kiribati is a small island nation that may soon be gone. It is forecasted to be the first nation to become a victim of climate change and all of its citizens will be forced, involuntarily, to find another home. In an unprecedented decision, the UN Human Rights Commission ruled that a citizen of Kiribati, Mr. […]

Success: Regaining Status

As part of our series to share success stories, we are starting with a case where we were able to help an international student who has suffered unfortunately circumstances and she found herself without status in Canada in a desperate situation. Thankfully, we were able to get her regain status. Life can be messy and […]

Success Stories

Much of our work goes unnoticed. Unreported decisions. Negotiated settlements. Positive decisions rarely make the news and success stories are rarely shared. We certainly encourage our clients to post comments on social media and we are so thankful for their time and energy to share their experiences with our office and to share their success […]

Poem for 2020

Here at Clarke Immigration Law, we try to have fun while we are working hard for our clients. For our end of year party, my colleague Kieran Szuchewycz wrote the following poem and he has graciously allowed us to publish this on our website. Enjoy! In fourteen hundred ninety two Columbus sailed the ocean blue In two […]