Immigration Lawyer Fees
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Clarke Immigration Law is fully transparent with legal fees and billing. We strive to be completely open and fair with our clients about the entire process, starting with the Retainer Agreement, so there are no hidden fees. We provide a full range of legal services regarding immigration to Canada, charged either in “block fees” or at an “hourly rate”.

Please note that the professional fees listed below do not include the government fees charged by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), taxes (HST) or disbursements. Disbursements include fees for medical reports and process servers. Certain applications include an Access to Information and Privacy Request (ATIP) at no charge. Please contact our office for details. All Canadian residents will be charged HST and all fees below are payable in Canadian dollars (CAD).

We may provide payment plans for clients, according to the client’s budget. Clients are not required to pay for all fees upfront. Here’s an example of a payment plan:

Payment Plan


BLOCK FEES – Clients may choose to pay a “block fee”, a “fixed fee” or a “flat fee” (see chart below) for the services. The benefit of the fixed fee is that the client can budget the fees at the beginning and there are no surprises. A payment plan will be provided; clients are not required to pay the full amount up front.

HOURLY RATE – Clients may choose to retain our services at our standard hourly rate of $350/hourly. This is appropriate for clients who need limited support or guidance. Clients only pay for the exact time spent on the file, and our firm provides a detailed accounting. Please note that we provide our Initial Consultation at a reduced rate of $200/hourly.

ServicesDetailsBlock Fees
Initial Consultation1 hour appointment to review documentation, identify issues, answer all questions, and plan solutions$200

Immigration Consultation for Criminal Defense Lawyers

1 hour appointment$250
Temporary Residence Applications
Visitor Visa (TRV) *Initial Application - additional fees may apply with previous refusals$2,000
Work Permit or Study Permit (SP) *Initial Application$2,000
Visitor (TRV), Work (WP) or Study Permit (SP)Extension or Renewal Application $1,500
Restoration ApplicationIn conjunction with TRV/ WP or SP$500
Temporary Residence Permit (TRP)TRPs are used to overcome inadmissibility

$3,500 - $4,500

Super Visa (for Parents and/or Grandparents)Note : Parental Sponsorship program is currently not accepting new applications.$2,000
Permanent Residence Applications
MPNP - Skilled Worker - Prepare Initial Application1st stage - Assess points and submit initial application to MPNP for EOI$2,000
MPNP Skilled Worker - Prepare Full Application 2nd stage - After Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA)$3,000
MPNP Business Stream Contact our office for details

$7,000 - $15,000

Spousal Sponsorship - SCLPC ClassInside-Canada applications$5,500
Open Spousal Work (OSWP) Permit During SCLPC Pilot Project$1,500
Spousal Sponsorship - Regular streamOutside-Canada applications$6,000
Parental SponsorshipOutside-Canada applications - Note: IRCC is not accepting new applications$6,000
Permanent Resident application (post PNP Certificate)Initial application only; additional fees for previous refusals$3,000
Prepare Reply to Fairness LetterFees vary
Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications (H&C)We only assist applicants in Canada. ATIP application included at no additional cost.$5,500 (may vary)
Hearings and Appeals
Refugee Applications and Hearings Prepare applicant for IRB-RPD$3,500
Spousal Sponsorship AppealPrepare Sponsor, Applicant and witness(es) for IRB-IAD. ATIP application included at no additional cost.$5,500 (may vary)
Inadmissibility hearingPrepare applicant for IRB-ID. ATIP application included at no additional cost.$4,000
Tribunal appealPrepare applicant for appeals to IRB-Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) or IRB-Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) $6,000

Detention Review hearing

Prepare bond and negotiate potential release$4,000 (per hearing)
Federal Court (FC)Appeals to FC through Applications for Judicial Review (JR), Stay Applications to prevent deportation, Mandamus Applications, etc. ATIP application included at no additional cost.

$5,000 - $10,000

Other Matters
Notarize DocumentPlease note: We do not provide legal advice during these 20 minute appointments.$100
Attend Interview with IRCC/ CIC or CBSA Officer Services available in English and French$500
Permanent Residence Card RenewalNote: Processing times for Renewal are longer than initial application$1,500
Residency Questionnaire ATIP application included at no additional cost.

$3,000 - $5,000

Criminal Rehabilitation ATIP application is included in fees. Transportation to Stony Mountain or Headingley is extra.$3,500 (may vary)
Medical Inadmissibility Includes research, Fairness Letter review and document review, etc. ATIP application included at no additional cost.$3,500 (may vary)
Section 44 Report Preparation and Interview Legal Submissions to CBSA Officer. ATIP application included at no additional cost.$3,500 (may vary)
Pre-Removal Risk AssessmentATIP application is included in the fees$4,000 (may vary)
Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

$2,500 - $4,000

  • No previous refusals

Retainers and Payments

To start a file, we require an initial payment to open an account. The initial payment is held in our trust account and is kept there until the work is complete. Once we received the initial payment, we can immediately begin work on the file. After the application is prepared, the client is billed for the work done on file including legal/professional fees, application fees, administrative fees, taxes and disbursements. We accept payment by cheque, cash, wire transfer, Interac email transfer and credit card (PayPal).

Please note that our fees are subject to change without notice. For payment plans, contact our office and we will work with you to accommodate.

Access to Information Requests

In most cases, we will include an Access to Information request (ATIP application) to the Privacy Commission (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) at no additional legal cost. This provides our office with, among other things, a copy of the Officer’s notes and we use it to identify potential issues. If clients have any questions or concerns, please use the Consultation to ask.

Immigration Legal Fees & Results

Immigration Legal Fees
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Please note that our immigration legal fees are for professional services, not the result. Results can and should never be guaranteed by anyone (lawyer or immigration consultant). We work very hard to give you the best service for affordable costs but don’t take our word for it. Read testimonials from our past clients. If you have more time, read more testimonials about the results we get for our clients.

LEGAL AID MANITOBA – We accept Legal Aid Certificates for clients who qualify. To check eligibility for a Legal Aid Certificate, click here.



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